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The rules of doing business today are a lot different than they were a couple of years before. Today, having a professional website is an unsaid rule in the world since most people use search engines to find content or people. A study conducted in 2015 by Verisign clearly showed that 9 out of 10 shoppers rely heavily on the internet to find products, companies, and services and you can be sure that has just increased fast forward to 2019.

Why a Business Should Have a Proper Website In 2019 1

Having this in mind, it’s puzzling to know that as many as 45% of small businesses do not have an online presence. There are a lot of valuable reasons as to why you need a professional looking website to be successful in your industry. Here are some of them:

Increasing visibility on local searches

Being the age of the search engine, it’s usually the go-to when anyone needs anything. For your business to appear on the results, you require an official website. Without the site, your primary means of advertising is word of mouth, which of course makes you miss out on new potential clients on the internet. This website further needs some refining in terms of optimization so that it can appear when the right keywords are searched. Having a professional site also helps small businesses compete with bigger brands out there.

Customers expect it

This is one of the reasons why businesses should have a proper website in place. Research has shown that six out of ten expect that brands have some online content regarding their business. This information helps clients make better purchase decisions. If your company doesn’t have its website, the tech-savvy and mostly impatient clients will look at your competition. To prevent this, you need a good site with critical information inside. This can often include issues and topics regarding what you sell. This convinces the prospective clients that you are professionals, which dramatically increases your chances of conversion.

Social proof of the business’ legitimacy

Several studies have clearly shown that more than ninety percent of consumers make a decision based on what other people have said about similar products. Instead of relying on review websites such as Yelp or Foursquare, you can rely on yourself and have client reviews of your services or products on your site where people can read the testimonials and make informed decisions. Reviews are a great way to boost client confidence.

Expanding your store’s borders

The e-commerce markets are dynamic and also very profitable. Today, a business does not have to be restricted by brick and mortar walls. With a properly functioning business website and e-commerce site, your business can run 24/7 without having to worry about staffing, fittings and so forth. With a proper e-commerce website fully set up, you can do business with people from halfway around the world. Not only does the professional site draw people in, but it also keeps them there consuming the content or simply window-shopping.


Ultimately, having a well-designed and professional looking website will help you increase not only brand awareness for your business, but most importantly conversions. Consultus offers Web Development services to assist you with reaching your marketing goals. Contact them today!

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