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With the burgeoning IT industry offering enterprise solutions for every kind of businesses,

specialized services like web design, web development, internet marketing solution, etc. are high in demand. This has also led to the mushrooming of agencies and freelance service providers, who are engaged in cut-throat competition for an enviable share of the market pie.
However, every organization has their own preferences for choosing service providers. While some prefer working with agencies that constitute larger teams, some favor working on one-to-one basis for meeting their web requirements. Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of working with both and hopefully you can get an idea as to WHO will suit your project requirement the best.

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Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects - Agencies or Freelancers! 1


Working with a web design agency certainly has its advantages as it offers you an extensive platform to choose your kind of services or hire a designer from a team of professionals, befitting your project requirements.
Working with a freelancer for web design however, depends entirely on your luck. If you are lucky enough, you can hit the jackpot by coming across a freelancer who is knowledgeable, experienced and creates masterpieces in design. On the flip side, you are entirely left to chances for there is every chance that he/she might turn out to be inexperienced or irresponsible in maintaining project time frame, sharing project updates, etc.

Comprehensive Portfolio Gives a Better Insight of Core Competencies

This is one of the definite plus points of hiring a web agency since they will have a more comprehensive portfolio, which will help you to have a bigger picture of their design, development and project management competencies. Also, there are more chances of design agencies having the experience of working with top-notch companies and high-profile clients – thus establishing their ability of providing consistent and high-quality services.
Freelance web designers however, have a slim chance here when it comes to the comprehensiveness of a design portfolio. Not only is it less likely that they get the opportunity for working on diverse peripherals like engineering, finance, automotive, real estate, hospitality, etc.; their chances of having worked with an established entity is also meek.

Extensive ‘Range’ of Services is as important as Expertise

Even though there are fair chances for freelancers to have the adequate professional experience and expertise in web design for the fair execution of a project; the advantages of hiring a designer from a web design agency however, comes with several frills like additional services – in-house copywriters, social media managers, SEO analysts, business development managers and analysts, who can contribute to the overall success of a project in various peripherals.
Freelancers however, fail to cope up with any intricate situation arising in a project, even though there are possibilities that they might know someone. But that again might not be a feasible proposition always.

Project Management Services is an Asset

This is probably one of the best advantages of hiring a web design agency rather than a freelance service. Because, unlike a freelancer, which is basically a one-man show or a small team comprising of a handful of designers; a web design agency has a better workflow process with a designated project manager who will oversee your entire project from – Planning, Design, Development to Deployment. A proper project management system ensures that every requirement and issues arising in every stage of a project is professionally handled and successfully executed.

Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects - Agencies or Freelancers! 2

The Financial Aspect

It is true that an agency will succeed in fetching higher contract for their projects on the basis of its business model and with sheer assumption that they have more professionalism and experience than a freelance web designer. However, on the other hand in a freelance business model, the freelancer enjoys the privilege of having the entire share of payment from a project contract as they are sometimes more flexible and ready to go the extra mile to secure goodwill and repeat projects.

Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects - Agencies or Freelancers! 3

Coming to Terms with the Bitter Truth

In case of litigation, web design agencies have an edge as they have a secure collection process in place (with legal options) that will give them a better prospect of collecting from clients after the completion of the contract.
Freelancers are many a times more prone to be cheated by certain ‘rogue’ clients, who unnecessarily take advantage of a freelancer’s isolated status. Similarly, there are freelancers, who take advantage of their ‘non-entity’ business model and dupe clients, unlike web agencies who are wary of their reputation and long-term business goals.

Competitive Pricing is a Decisive factor

Pricing is indeed a decisive factor in determining whom the web design project should be awarded –agency or a freelancer. Well, even though most of you are aware that services of a web design agency comes at a higher pricing than freelance services, the frills and the range of services that comes with a web agency cannot be ignored. So, it is important that the parameters of competitive pricing be determined based on the overall services provided by the contractor.

Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects - Agencies or Freelancers! 4

Exploring the ‘Outsourcing’ Advantage

Many organizations are now also considering the outsourcing option too when it involves deriving a meticulous design job, while maintaining a stringent budget. Although freelancers have an added advantage as they can be remotely accessed anywhere in the world; reputed outsourcing web agencies also prove to be a favorable option here. They can provide you all the advantages of a web agency, yet at very competitive rates.

Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects - Agencies or Freelancers! 5


It is true that most individuals who constitute the web design agencies started off their career as freelancers. So it is not something about discrediting the capabilities of a freelance designer. If you do not have a strict time line or can afford to personally monitor the project; then you can consider hiring freelancers, which will possibly come at a lower budget than hiring a designer from a professional web agency. But, are you ready to take the headache?
Web design agencies on the other hand are professionally managed with a standard workflow process and a dedicated project manager who will handle the project from start to finish, while ensuring that it completed within the stipulated time frame, as per project guidelines and within budget. So, you can be assured of hassle-free services and concentrate on your core purpose of doing business.
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