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As a part of the competitive world as well as among the leading companies in the department of marketing.


it is mandatory for all the marketers to be in good touch with its customers. The marketing department indulges in the developing as well as the designing procedure of offer able products. The need, desire as well as the demand of the customer should be always kept in mind while the product which will be offered to them in the future is being developed as well as designed.

In order to develop a never ending relationship with the customers, the delivery of the appropriate content as well as a responsive website design should necessarily be offered to the customers.

A lot of problems arise in the process of offering all this to the customers. The main problem is the parallel relation between the marketing department as well as the IT department. For the development of any kind of responsive website design which is to be offered, the involvement of the IT department is a must. But because of the delays from the IT department, the marketing suffers. The customer base weakens and the experience of the customers deteriorates.

It is quite crucial to dismantle the hurdles coming in between marketing and IT in order to help company to decrease time-to-market phenomenon and promote web presence. Eventually, this will result in to superior customer experience and high ROI. On the other hand, it also helps IT to drop its workload, and have some spare space for innovative and operationally crucial things for the benefit of the company.

Marketing team need to be proactive and get the hold of some of the IT tools that act as catalyst in boosting their marketing campaigns. Taking charge of their programs with the help of Web Content Management helps to reduce their dependency on IT department.

Thus, the marketers should themselves work and eliminate the need of the IT department. So, we present you 6 different ways in which the marketers can improve on their efficiency and thus generate a great customer experience.

Keep your customers engaged:

In order to keep your customer engaged in the different types of services which you offer, they need to be provided with adjustments for the different contents. The website should be available on the smartphone as well as on the tablets and the laptops of the consumers too.

Relate and promote:

The customer won’t pay heed to the information of the products which are not beneficial to him. If the customer has bought a racket recently, you should send him information related to that only in order to promote the same.

Personalise the products well:

The available technologies for the management of the web content help the marketers to get the information about the customers and their visits. It is good if you provide the customers discount vouchers but they will be more elated if they receive coupons of discount for their next purchase also.

Do not complicate things:

The process of navigation of the website is important for a positive customer experience. If the customer has to click on a number of links before reaching on the main site, he might get irritated. So, it should be easy for the customer to locate the homepage of the website.

Ignore price competition:

The availability of cheap products is just not enough to maintain a good customer base. The customers should be exposed to the tips and advices too. They should also be provided with experiences as shared by other customers.

Update your website regularly:

This might come as a surprise to many of you but it stands completely true that many of the websites appear as out-dated to the customers when they sit to review them. It is a bad sight for the customers when he sees that the site was updated 6 months ago. Fresh information in the name of both content and product should be available to the customers.


If you follow these tips, you will surely improve on your customer base as well as customer experience. It is the duty of the marketers of the company to bring changes for improvement in their company.

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