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Once you have developed your app, just sitting back and waiting for your app to market itself to your desired target audience just won’t succeed.

It is very important to market your app once it is developed. There are various ways and means to achieve this goal, but one of the ways that you can always adopt is to submit your app to a good app review website. By doing this, your app will get additional exposure, which will also facilitate better app downloading. Some of the various top app review sites are as below:

1. AndroidTapp (android apps)


This is a website that offers the latest news as well as updates on apps. Besides app recommendations, it even facilitates interviews with mobile developers. This is amongst the best platforms available that helps you showcase your app development skills.
This website features a blog-style database, thereby allowing users to post detailed app reviews. App users can mention pros and cons, and can also mention the mobile device on which they utilized the app. AndroidTapp also allows you to mention pricing info, post screen shots as well as videos of your app. The website also gives developers a chance to be interviewed, if selected.

2. AppVee (iphone video reviews)


AppVee is an iPhone apps review site, and is a great platform for developers who want to showcase their app for reviews through this website. Extensive written reviews as well as video reviews are also possible through this website.

3. Apptism (iphone apps)


This is a good app review website with an easy to use UI as well as navigation feature. It lets users find you app with the least efforts. Users can easily write reviews as well as compare a range of apps. At the same time, they can set their favorites and share these with their contacts. Apptism is an apps review website for iPhone apps.

4. Appromoter (iphone android and iPad apps)


This is a website that offers a directory of new apps, so that journalists can browse these apps for reviewing them. Users can easily create directory entry themselves for free. However, there is a charge for additional services, such as press releases and press release distribution, and app promotion on the website’s front page. There are other app promotion services such as SEO and promotional video production.

5. AppShout (iphone android and iPad apps)


This app promotion website focuses entirely on iOS app promotions. In actuality, it is a newswire service for mobile apps. With this platform, users get their own media contact. This platform also sends press material to up to 60,000 journalists worldwide, 250,000+ newswire subscribers, 600+ mobile-focused news sources, and iOS and Android users. It also provides facilities for video promotion.

6. Crackberry (blackberry review site)


Crackberry is a very popular website for blackberry enthusiasts. It has a select collection of app reviews for blackberry in it reviews section. For people looking for reviews about the device, apps, games, or even accessory reviews, Crackberry has it all.

7. AndroLib (android apps)


This is an excellent Android app review website. Besides featuring the latest apps to hit the market, it lets users insert brief reviews about the apps key functions. AndroidLib also allows users to include screenshots of the app key features. This website also features a catalog style database. Users can view pricing and other user ratings as well. A noteworthy feature of AndroidLib is the “being browsed” list.

8. AppAdvice (iOS apps)


This is an ideal resource presented on the Internet for individuals who want to discover the best iOS apps. The website filters through more than 500,000 apps in the App store, so that it can bring the most detailed app reviews to individuals. The focus of this website is to give users appropriate advice on which apps should be downloaded. Besides, users get to know about the latest news, reviews, and iDevice accessories. The website also features custom ‘AppLists’ and also ‘BargainBin’, which informs users of app discounts.


Each app developer will appreciate the value of promoting his or her app to the wide audience that lies out there. The various app review sites play an important role in disseminating valuable app information, so that the app users become acquainted with the information beforehand and download the app that suits them the best. Hence, such app review sites promote downloading of the apps and make life easier for the apps developers.

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