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If someone asks me to describe Facebook in a single term,

I would definitely go with the word ‘trendsetter’. For the past few years, Facebook is making trends in every way possible. Facebook is continuing to withhold its name and fame as that of it had in the beginning. This consistency has made Facebook unique from other social media sites. Features like Facebook fan page and Facebook stores have made Facebook more powerful among other social networks.

With the launch of Facebook stores, Facebook has successfully entered into online shopping. Anyone with a paypal account can create a Facebook store. Facebook, being a huge network with 600 million users can be the best place to set up an online store. Facebook stores, if used in a proper way can definitely take your business to higher levels. A Facebook store can be set up to your business site anytime with the appropriate Facebook store extensions. There are a plethora of Facebook store extensions over the web, which helps you create an absolute store.

Listed below are the major five online store extensions that could help you achieve good results.

Facebook Online Store (Compatible Version 1.4 & 1.7)

This Magento Facebook App developed by, allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. This extension allows your customer to shop from your product catalog available in your Magento store by means of your Facebook profile. This app happens to be a medium to connect your Magento site with your Facebook profile.

Top 5 Online Stores to Like on Facebook 1

Facebook Store Application

Developed by StoreYa, this Facebook store application automatically imports your Magento store to Facebook. The extension requires no design or coding skills and is exclusively brand customized. You can also customize your store to any language you like. It also features cross sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and G+.

Top 5 Online Stores to Like on Facebook 2

Facebook Store Pro

Facebook Store Pro is a Magento Store extension that helps to publish your products to Facebook in no time. With Facebook, all can access your products and catalogs. This extension features unlimited categories and products, real time update categories, auto update Facebook shop lifetime, direct shopping and checkout from Facebook, fully supported Facebook promotion method and so many.

Top 5 Online Stores to Like on Facebook 3

Facebook Link 2.1.3

The Facebook Link extension for Magento helps you promote your store among your customers’ Facebook friends quickly and easily. Once the customer logs into your store via Facebook and makes purchase, an automatic post is being generated on the customer’s Facebook wall, with the details of the order items and store notice. This Facebook Magento extension features faster login, transaction privacy, like / send button and more other things. Your customers can also tell their friends about the purchase they have made on your store, which also promotes your business in some way.

Top 5 Online Stores to Like on Facebook 4


Beetailer is a Magento extension that integrates your Magento store with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It lets your customers to shop inside Facebook and checkout from your regular store. Thousands of eCommerce sites use betailer for increasing their sales. The extension is fully configurable and secure to use.

Top 5 Online Stores to Like on Facebook 5

These are few of the best Facebook store applications to be used on your Magento sites. Go with the one that apt suits your business!

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