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Over the years, the internet has become a hub for most businesses, and one of the most efficient ways to survive as a business is by owning a website, as it functions as a digital storefront. Over 4 billion people use the internet today and there are about 1.7 billion websites. While there are many ways to stand out from the crowd and get the most of your website, the design layout plays a huge role. The proper design and enhancements will help you get the most from your website.

It takes only about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website and if your site is not appealing enough, you could lose users over time.

wordpress themes

The choice of a website theme could make all the difference, as it tells your audience more about your brand and gives them more reasons to stay if it is appealing enough. Many web hosts provide a variety of ready-made layouts to choose from to enhance your site with no sweat and a perfect example of this is WordPress themes.

Below are a few ways your choice of wordpress themes can affect your website:

1. Website Security

Web security is one of the biggest concerns of website owners and although there are several ways to ensure the security of a website is intact, most people often ignore themes. Your choice of theme could determine how much vulnerability the site gets. Hackers constantly lookout for websites with vulnerable wordpress themes for easy access and you could easily fall prey. One of the ways to avoid this is to constantly perform web security scans to check for vulnerabilities and also update your themes regularly to fix them. While this will help, choosing the right theme with the correct applicable features will reduce the risk of security flaws that may put your website in impending danger.

2. SEO Performance

Over 79% of all global desktop search traffic is accounted for by Google, with over 63,000 searches received daily. This shows how much competition is there to make your website rank on the first page of Google. Your choice of website theme can affect your SEO rank, as some themes might require you to work hard enough on SEO before getting anything substantial. To ensure that your site gets proper visibility in the future, get the right theme for your website.

3. WordPress Plugins

You need plugins on your website to get the perfect customized look for your brand. The number and kind of plugins you plan to install should be greatly considered when choosing a theme, as some themes are quite limited. There are many plugins that you can implement to make your website more productive and you will need a theme that can handle all of it without affecting results. Using plugins on your website generally affects the site’s load time but your choice of theme could determine how that can be controlled.

Extra Tip

RankMath is the best Free SEO Plugin to use on your wordpress website.

I used to like Yoast SEO but many important features are in the premium plan. RankMath offers same and more features for free.

RankMath WordPress Seo Plugin

One of the best Free WordPress Security Plugin is WordFence.



The competition to stand out from millions today should prompt you to opt for the best and get the most from your website. Website themes might seem very insignificant but the impact they could have on your website cannot be overemphasised.

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