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Android Application Development are getting much familiar to this term for the recent years and months.

While on one side the graduates are competing each other to stick a career in android app development on the other side are entrepreneurs struggling over to create android apps for their businesses.
Right from the entertainment to business perspectives, android applications are widely demanded right now in the smartphone industry. Prior to predict the future of android app development, let us first illustrate how the future of android devices will be.

The Future of Android App Development 1

Where do Android apps score?

People are continuously drifting over to use android phones on a regular basis and they have blindly come to a conclusion that only with androids, they’d be getting the best applications. It is the ‘freedom’ factor in an android phone that makes users to go crazy on it rather than on an iOS device. IT industry strongly believes the potentiality of Android platform to become the best support for mobile application development. In androids programming is made by Java, C and C++ for development which makes the programming much easier. This also makes the third party application development much simple for the Android platform. Apart all, it is the testing factor that earns scores for androids. These apps can be tested independent of physical hardware. Androids also support 2D and 3D graphics for developing animation. The android SDK works fine on any platform including LINUX, MAC OS, and Windows.

Future of Androids

Android Development is the perfect area of smart-phone technologies which encourages android application developers and designers to provide customers accurately what they search for under their common genre related with curiosity. By 2012, it is expected that androids will be having a booming market growth from less than 2% to 14%. Androids will sure stay in the market since it will be developed and marketed by the members of open handset alliances led by companies like Google, Sony Motorola, Vodafone etc. Both in user friendliness and cost-effectiveness, android platform promises a better growth and potential for users to inhale the very features of a smartphone.

Android Application Development – The Future

As discussed above, it is the cost effectiveness factor which makes android application development preferred over iphone application development. Developers are preferring this field just because android is an open source software which is offered for free. Though Android Application Development has flourished since the time it was introduced, it is currently evidencing turn ups which are entertaining and truly important. It feels like each day an app is released. The growing popularity associated with Android Application Development possesses a vital part within opening a new era with mobile technologies.

Mobile application trend is sure to enhance in the upcoming days and above mentioned factors itself proves how exact the prediction is. If you really want to establish a business that runs after android applications, then this is the apt time to mark your step. All mobile application development companies who have great expertise in android application development is expected to have a great future. Things described above will eventually make us to conclude that with the large user base and adding demand for android application development will certainly witness a sharp rise and might even leave iPhone app development behind in the near future.

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