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When we think of stickers, many of us probably just remember sticking them on our bags at school. However, stickers have many more uses than that because they are now being used to promote company brands. 

Logos and company-related images can be produced on stickers and so advertise a company everywhere it is seen.

Let us then think of the many uses for stickers that go beyond our childhood memories. Companies such as Stickeroo are making it possible to promote lots of things through this alternative medium for brand awareness. Australia is certainly embracing the sticker phenomenon, whether it is to do with business or simply having fun with stickers in other ways.

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In Business

Stickers are an ideal way to promote a business at a corporate event and beyond because they are cheap to produce, spread a message widely, and everyone loves a sticker. The beauty of stickers too is that they can have many different designs put onto them. They can be striking in their design and keep to the shades used in actual company logos. 

At an event, it is a good way of counting those guests attending. By giving them all a sticker, the spaces on a roll can be added up to give you the attendance figure. This is a less intrusive way of keeping a check on numbers.

A message on a sticker can be as powerful as one on a business card or flyer, yet they are an affordable way of changing a message from one business event to another. This message will depend on the audience that you are working with.

In Fun

Stickers can also be ordered for a party event. This might be a stag or hen night. It is about everyone feeling a part of the event. It can be fun because of what has been put on the stickers. Images or text can be funny and relate to exactly what the event is. Stickers can be produced with names or quotations. There can be one message for the whole event and everyone can be a part of that with the sticker they agree to wear.

The good thing about stickers in any situation is that they can be customized to requirements. We do not just have to find the nearest sticker to our requirements. Instead, we can have exactly what we want to be produced that is in keeping with our event. This is whether we are trying to add to the fun or be promotional.


Traditionally, our children would impress their friends with stickers and swap them in the school playground.

It is good for us to be able to make a sticker that condenses a picture into a small image that then reminds us of something relatable. It can be a memory. If we are celebrating a wedding anniversary or particular birthday, then it can have a number on it to say that.

Properties of Stickers

Stickers have useful properties in that they are generally made of vinyl and so have surfaces that are wiped clean and weatherproof. Also, the high-quality printing methods that are used on stickers will make them resistant to fading. This is important when Australia is such a sunny place.

In terms of stickers leaving any residue behind once removed from a surface they have previously adhered to, today’s stickers will normally be able to be removed cleanly and not leave anything behind. This is pleasing to hear and adds to their temporary appeal that is for the moment and then not going to be annoying afterwards. It also extends their use from just sticking them on jumpers to their ability to be used on other surfaces without leaving a mess behind or damaging them.

Stickers then should be embraced. They can cost-effectively send out the kinds of messages that we are looking to send out, whether promoting a business, achieving togetherness at private events, or wanting to keep up the tradition of sticker exchanges for our children.

The popularity of stickers has not gone away because of their ability to serve as ice breakers that start and then continue conversations. They can be a way of making a new friend or acquaintance in many situations. At corporate or private events that share venues, they are useful to identify the guests that relate to a particular party. It is easy to get mixed up inside a large hotel that is hosting the events of several companies or families at the same time.

What are some of your favorite uses for stickers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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