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If you are a designer, you have no much time to relax, so to save some time you have to speed up your working process.

You have to memorize some important keyboard shortcuts to make yourself professional and also you can take cool breath within your projects. This article will be very much useful for all the designers.To create some design of brochures, you have to visit our article about brochure design inspiration.

Here it is

Speed up Your Design Work with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) 1

Create new document

To create a new document, press Ctrl + N

Zoom in and Zoom out

You can do Zoom in and Zoom out by pressing Ctrl + plus or minus. It can be done by pressing Ctrl and use scroll click on your mouse both upwards and downwards.

Open file

To open an image from your computer press Ctrl +O, then select your required image.

Save for web

This shortcut is most useful, because you have to save your wore in desire document. Press Alt + Ctrl + Shift in any order then press S.

Transform Layer

To see the width and height or resize your document in active layer press Ctrl + T.


To add some vibrant look in your image, press Ctrl + U.

Color Balance

To manipulate a photo with some change in color, press Ctrl + B.

Edit Key shortcuts

Customize your keyboard shortcuts pressing Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K, for your suitable use.


If you want to edit a picture, open Level box pressing Ctrl + L.


For quickly edit an image with Curves, Press Ctrl + M.

Image size

Resize your image pressing Ctrl + Alt + I.

New Layer

Pressing Shift + Ctrl + N you can create a new Layer.


Press Shift + Ctrl + X, If you want to add a liquid touch in the image.


Press Ctrl + Rwhen you want your design in perfect measurement.

Show grid

You can show or hide the grid by pressing Ctrl + ‘.

Show guides

If you want to quickly show or hide the guides, simply press Ctrl +; .

Brush size

If you want to increase or decrease the brush size, press [and ] .

Brush hardness

If you want to modify the hardness of the brush, press Shift +[ and Shift +] .

Edit key shortcuts

If you want to customize the keyboard shortcuts, all you have to do is press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K.

Other tools

Move Tool – V
Marquee Tool – M
Lasso Tool – L
Crop Tool – C
Quick Selection / Magic Wand – W
Patching Brushes – J
Eraser – E
Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket – G
Pen Tool – P
Type Tool – T
Switch Foreground / Background Colors – X
Default Foreground / Background Colors – D
Line / Polygon / Ellipse tools – U
Sponge / Dodge / Burn tools – O
Brush History – Y
Rotate View Tool – R
Hand Tool – H

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