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Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, once stated that your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t present in the room.

Brand Identity

This means that an end-to-end branding strategy is what your business needs in today’s intensely competitive and rapidly evolving market. This is because brand identity helps in making your products stand out from other competing products.

Besides this, the ever-growing number of digital users indicates that your business has many possibilities for making its brand stand out in the digital landscape. Still not convinced? Have a look at the numbers yourself! 

  • In the year 2019, there were 11 billion mobile users.
  • Internet users increased by 366 million in 2019, compared to January 2018. 
  • There were approximately 48 billion social media users in the year 2019. 
  • Around 26 billion people used social media on mobile devices in January 2019, indicating a growth of 297 million new users.  

The above-mentioned insights depict that brand identity is significant for business survival in the digital age of today. But, first, let’s understand, what do you mean by brand identity? Brand identity comprises of the visual elements of a brand, like a logo, color, etc.  

However, it is critical to note that creating a memorable brand identity isn’t an easy task. But, don’t worry, we have your back! Here are the 6 essential elements that can help you build a powerful brand identity over time: 

#1 Should Reflect Brand Values 

It is no secret that your brand identity represents what your business stands for and how your customers see you. Therefore, it is significant to make sure that every part of your branding, may it be your brochures, social media ads, newsletters, or website, should reflect your brand values. 

But, first, you need to understand what your brand values are? For example, does your audience make your target audience feel energetic or light-hearted?

Once you have identified your brand values, you need to ensure that your branding is coherent with them. For instance, Apple’s branding reflects its brand values, i.e., quality, class, and innovation, thus making it one of the most known brands globally. 

#2 Ensure a Professional Logo Design

If you are a wise marketer, you’d know that your corporate logo plays a vital role in establishing your business’s brand identity. This is because it serves as your brand’s foundation and is almost everywhere, may it be company brochures, social media, website, products, etc. 

Apart from this, a professionally designed logo is easily recognizable and makes a great first impression. Moreover, it allows you to convey your brand messages meaningfully. This means that to stay on top of your prospects’ minds, you need to pay a considerable amount of attention and time to your logo design.

Unsure how to get a memorable and unique logo designed? The best way to avoid the hassle is to hire a professional logo design company, like logo design valley, that can create a classy yet affordable logo design for your business. 

#3 Choose Your Branding Colors Wisely

For establishing your brand identity effectively, it is crucial to cultivate an emotional connection with the audience. Wondering how? The simple answer to this is to choose your branding colors wisely. 

A study conducted by Forbes revealed that brand colors improve recognition by over 80 percent. 

It is a known fact that colors are an important consideration when talking about brand identity. This is because they have the power to influence the mood of your prospects. 

Research shows that there will be around 5 to 7 brand interactions before a consumer remembers a brand. This means that when a customer repeatedly sees the same color with a brand, it strengthens brand identity. For example, what comes to your mind when you see the color red? A coke can, right? This is because Coke has associated itself with red effectively. 

6 Essential Elements of a Powerful Brand Identity 1

#4 Use High-Quality Graphics 

A study conducted by Zabisco identified that 40 percent of people more likely to respond better to visual information compared to plain text. This means that high-quality graphics are vital for effective branding because they help attract your audience and convey your brand messages in a meaningful way.  

Unsure how to use high-quality graphics that can help establish a lasting brand identity for your business? Don’t worry; below are a few simple yet amazing tips that can help ensure promising graphics:

  • Use a mix of gifs, images, and videos so that your audience doesn’t get bored. 
  • Avoid using stock images as they don’t look original. 
  • Do not use blur or dull images in your branding collaterals, as they might give out a negative impression. 
  • Leverage the power of video marketing as, according to a study, 8 out of 10 customers tend to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video. 

#5 Select a Corporate Font Type 

It is crucial to decide which font type you want to use on your marketing collaterals and website. This is because different font types depict different personality traits. Wondering which font type to go for establishing a powerful brand identity?

The image below shows a descriptive guide that can help you select the best font type for your business branding.  

6 Essential Elements of a Powerful Brand Identity 2

#6 Choose a Catchy Brand Slogan

It is a known fact that brand slogans help your audience identify your brand easily. Besides this, they help you and your products stay apart from other competing brands in the market. For example, Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is known globally because of its effective branding. 

6 Essential Elements of a Powerful Brand Identity 3

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to establish a powerful brand identity for your business, it is essential to see things from your audience’s perspective. However, it is essential to note that establishing brand identity successfully is not a one-day thing. It requires patience, creativity, and a lot of testing. 

So, if you want to establish a unique and lasting brand identity for your business, make sure that you don’t miss out on the above-mentioned branding elements.

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