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To develop a website, the developers need a programming language which is best suited. PHP and Java are the most prominent and widely used programming languages in developing a website. To opt the best one for web development among JAVA and PHP, one should first go through the features and benefits that these languages offer. In this article, the benefits of both the languages and the comparison will be discussed. This way, you will be able to ensure which language to choose.

PHP aka Hypertext PreProcessor:

PHP VS JAVA: Which Is The Best Option For Web Development? 1First of all, PHP aka Hypertext PreProcessor which was also earlier called Personal Home Page is a server-side scripting language which embeds HTML. It serves the purpose of a programming language as well. Unlike JAVA, php is not a client based programming language and it is used to create dynamic pages in a website. Php is an open source coding language and it is preferred because of its speed. Faster web development owing to PHP is what makes this language most desirable for the programmers.

Being an object-oriented programming language, the web development, becomes cost effective and consumes relatively less time. It helps in the faster website development, maintenance and huge community support at a low cost, especially if you consult a Web design Company.

PHP is a server side scripting language and most compatible with IIS and APACHE along with Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB. Its open source feature will allow you to upgrade the newer version without having to rely on the manufacturer or paying an excessive amount for the same.

PhP provides for the better and larger database management, data processing, file management, file uploads and graphics and arrays. Since it’s a scripting language, PhP is not as code intensive as JAVA is. But the difference between a scripting language and a programming language is narrowing. A scripting language with the help of an interpreter can be used as a programming language whereas, with the help of a compiler, a scripting language can serve the purpose of a programming language.

PhP is an extendible scripting language and supports platform independence which means that It can run on almost all the operating systems during web development. The latest version of the PhP consists of error handling module.

PhP is free of cost and easier to understand. The rebuilding, customisation in PhP are much simpler in comparison with that in JAVA. PhP is widely used for the startups web development. With PhP the web developers can easily create applications owing to its great scalability.

Basically, the project will ascertain which programming language is best suited for website development.


PHP VS JAVA: Which Is The Best Option For Web Development? 2Java is a programming language and a client based language. It is, like PhP, also an object oriented language which supports bigger projects with more developers to work with it. Like PhP, being an object oriented programming language, the web development and maintenance are done in reduced cost. It is time consuming. Java is based on JAVA Virtual Machine which enables the language to run hassle free and faster on different operating systems, making this language also a platform independent language. Unlike PhP, JAVA is not an open source programming language which may make it costlier than the PhP. JAVA embodies integrated security features which make the client-server’s data exchange more secure in comparison with that of PhP.

JAVA is best suited for the development of an enterprise website or application. Earlier slower JAVA now comes with speed optimisation which facilitates JIT compilation, and JavaScript File compilation.

Web development company, if, are developing some enterprise applications or websites, they are more likely to prefer the Java programming language. Whereas The startups web development companies would like to use PhP Language to develop their websites or applications.

Java is an easier programming language with simple learning, coding and debugging in comparison with PhP.

Pertaining to speed, PHP is much preferred to JAVA. But this does not mean that JAVA is any less preferred or used programming language. Learning JAVA fetches the programmers certification whereas PHP holds no such qualifying value.

To see, there aren’t a lot of differences between the two languages. Developers prefer either of the languages on the basis of their project requirement as well as the kind of application or website they would be developing. The larger projects will require JAVA while the smaller or medium scaled projects or start-ups will be fairly developed with PHP.


  1. Learning: Both PHP and JAVA have been rated as two of the easiest languages to learn, compile and debug.
  2. Price: PhP is free of cost where JAVA is not.
  3. Support: Integrated Security features, Huge community support are more prominent in PhP than in JAVA.
  4. Speed and Efficiency: Faster web development and efficient code learning are the biggest benefits of both JAVA and PHP programming languages.
  5. Compatibility: Platform independence of PHP allows the program to run on various operating systems making it more compatible with different server platforms. With an interpreter, it can be used on client based platforms as well. Whereas JAVA doesn’t not have that much of a platform independence. Though, it is known to be used to power up the APACHE, JBoss, GlassFish etc.
  6. Type Checking: Java makes use of Static type checking whereas PhP uses Dynamic type checking. That’s why web design company rely on Java. Dynamic type checking allows the programmer to assign types freely. Ion the static type checking, the programmer will be required to specify the type of variable whether integer or string. In static type checking, the errors are caught in the early stages of the app or website development.
  7. Multiple Instruction Execution: Java uses thread to thread execution of multiple instruction sequences whereas PhP uses multi-threaded execution. The benefit in JAVA in this regard is that memory sharing in thread to thread execution is faster than a parallel multi-thread instruction. Apart from the above-mentioned comparisons, on the basis of these languages’ applications these programming languages can be different.


  1. Android applications
  2. Scientific computing
  3. Hardware Programming
  4. Big Data Analysis.


  1. Content Management Systems like WordPress.
  2. Servers like: Oracle, Apache, IIS, SQL.


Web development requires either of the programming languages. And on the basis of the size and the kind of the project, the developers will use the programming language. You can always consult with the developers while making a website or an application or making a choice to opt the best one for web development. Both PhP and JAVA provide the developers with the best foundations for their websites.

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