When we look back at 2015 and outline the mobile industry moments of 2015 we find it an amazing year,

so the next question in our mind is- what’s future for app marketers in 2016? This year the mobile devices are expected to cross the 10 billion digits. As the demand and technology is growing day by day so the application industry is growing as well.
Here we have given our predictions for 2016 mobile trends:

1. Cloud based Development Approach:


Cloud based technology is anticipated to play a vital role in Mobile Application industry. Cloud based development approach provides the power of synchronizing &desegregation apps developed for multiple devices.The cloud development approach facilitates developers to build outstanding apps for totally different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) using the same resources and information.

2. Better User Interface and User Experience:

User Interface

As the demand of mobile Apps is increasing tremendously the better user experience can be the game changer for Mobile Apps. Mobile applications having better user interface and experience can attract more users thus can become more popular and trendy.

3. Higher Security:

Higher Security

Security is themassive challenge for developers because the hacker’s trend of exploiting noted security gaps in mobile applications for gettingvital, sensitive &tiparecontinuing with advancement in technology thus developers take effective security problems like accidentaloutpouringof knowledge, broken cryptography, insecure knowledge storage & others. Mobile application with higher security will be priority of the users.

4. Cross Platform Compatible Apps


“Hybrid” Apps development will be the primary technology for mobile Apps as this enhance Apps platform compatibility thus more & more enterprises will adopt it. HTML 5 & related development tools are gaining huge popularity. Hybrid frameworks like ionic, Intel XDK, Sencha touch, Mobile Angular UI help developers to build multiple platforms supporting mobile apps. Hybrid Apps are the best cost effective solution to reach larger number of users.

5. Smart Objects connected Apps:


2016 will be a game changer as the smart objects connected Apps are the next to take over the technology market. Apps connected to smart objects will be the biggest trend of 2016.These Apps are internet of things Apps based on sensors technology and controllable sockets. Different parameters like light, motion, temperature etc. can be measured through it. Now your smartphone is the best equipment to control your objects remotely.

6. Enterprise Apps:

Enterprise Apps

Mobile Apps based on streamlining businesses are expected to gain popularity and profit in 2016.Business to Business, Business to customers solutions in all the different categories are evolving and game changing. Enterprise applications market is not only going to empower the mobile industry but also help in generating optimized revenues.

7. Wearable Devices:

Wearable Devices

The smartphone industry will be the hub of wearable gadgets like on-body tending sensors, smartjewelry, smart watches and a variety of sensors implanteddevices. Wearable devices and mobile apps are connected to each other for information sharing. All the areas including sport, fashion, and fitness will be included in it. Wearable devices connected with smartphones will influence the succeeding generation of mobile App development industry.

If you want to try your hand in the emerging mobile app development industry, it’s a time to brace yourself to form the outstanding mobile experiences for your users.2016 will definitely going to be year of innovations and changes.

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