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These days, frequent online shopping is done by almost all tech-savvy people.

Whenever they need to buy something, they go online instantly, search for the required products on the internet, compare different options from different points of view, and buy them quickly on affordable price tags. So, online shopping is rapidly changing the way businesses are done these days.

Realizing the growing trend of online shopping, business firms, companies, entrepreneurs take their businesses to the World Wide Web with E-commerce websites. By doing so, they become able to advertise their brand easily on the web, grab the attention of millions of new customers from different geographical locations, sell their products and services, and expand their business activities in all directions over a short period of time.

Magento and WordPress are the two most preferred platforms for the creation of E-commerce websites. Some choose Magento, while some others go for WordPress. So, basically, there is a clash between these two as which platform is the best for the creation of E-commerce websites. Do you also believe so? If yes, then let’s compare WordPress and Magento from different parameters and determine which one you must choose for E-commerce website development.


1. Basic Introduction

Basically, Magento is an E-commerce CMS. Almost all major E-commerce brands use this platform to create professional, visually appealing and customer-friendly E-commerce websites. On the other hand, WordPress is a popular content management system. Several individuals use it as an E-commerce platform to sell their products and services in great numbers. Apart from this, WordPress is used as a blogging platform and for the creation of all types of modern websites on a low investment.

2. Technical Expertise

To create and operate a Magento website, you need to have a fair knowledge of different programming languages, SEO, and website building skills. If you are a non-tech person, don’t dream about running Magento websites. You will have to hire a team of professional coders, search engine optimizers, business operation Managers and internet security experts.

You can easily create WordPress websites without seeking any assistance from other persons. You just need to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript and website building skills, you can create awesome WordPress websites yourself. Even if you are a non-tech person, you can create WordPress websites with the help of pre-made themes, plugins, shortcodes, and widgets. You can run and manage WordPress websites yourself.

3. Economic Consideration

To operate a fully-fledged Magento E-commerce website, you need to arrange sufficient funds. It is because you will have to make vital changes in your E-commerce website from time-to-time as per user’s demand. It is very easy to make changes in WordPress E-commerce websites without seeking any technical assistance from professional WordPress developers. So, Magento E-commerce websites are expensive and WordPress E-portals are economical.

4. Availability of Themes & plugins/Extensions

Magento offers thousands of pre-made themes and extensions. You can use them to create feature-rich and professional Magento E-commerce websites. You can also purchase premium Magento themes and extensions from third-party vendors. WordPress also offers multiple themes and plugins. If you want, use them while creating professional WordPress E-commerce websites in an easy way.

5. Multisite Operation Facility

When your E-commerce business grows, you feel the need to create country-specific E-commerce websites to meet the growing demands of online shoppers from specific countries and take your business to the next level. For this, you will have to create separate websites if you use the Magento CMS platform.

With WordPress, you don’t face hassles. The WordPress multisite feature allows you to run multiple WordPress websites from one backend. You can use this feature in E-commerce sphere too. So, it allows you to run multiple WordPress E-commerce websites on a low investment and increase your revenues by leaps and bounds within a few days.

6. Business Scale

Although, you can use Magento to start your E-commerce business right from the beginning. But, due to high cost, it is not recommended for business organization and organizations having limited budgets. You can start your E-commerce journey with WordPress CMS and later take your website to the Magento platform easily when your business expands. WordPress is ideal for small and medium scale E-commerce business enterprises.

7. Consumption of Resources

A fully-fledged Magento E-commerce website consumes more resources than its WordPress counterpart. You will have to purchase A-1 Quality Magento software, themes, extensions, hosting server, antivirus, firewall, etc, to keep your Magento E-commerce website live 24*7. You can run WordPress E-commerce websites with limited resources.

Final Words

E-commerce business expands every day and there is no sign of its decline in the near future. Just define the main goals of your E-commerce business and choose a platform accordingly. If you have to run a small or medium scale E-commerce portal on a low investment, WordPress is the best choice. If you want to run a large-scale E-commerce website in for online shoppers all around the world, there is no replacement of Magento.

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