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How to Select A Motion Graphic Studio to Partner With 1As Internet content consumption now veers more toward formats that can be enjoyed while on the go or through mobile, much of business’s marketing resources are being placed into visuals. Videos, in particular, are a preferred medium because they are attractive, easier to understand and more engaging compared to simply reading text. In addition, most users access the Internet via mobile while multi-tasking, which makes getting their attention far more challenging. That said, business owners should be able to market their products and services using a format that their buyers will more likely stop for.

Creating attention-grabbing and impactful videos is a big challenge for business owners, especially if you do not have any background whatsoever. Also, even if you do know how to tinker with your digital camcorder or smartphone, the type of quality content that a professional motion graphics studio can provide is worth the investment. Here are the things you should look for when selecting a motion graphic studio to work with for your business.

1. Portfolio

The first step to looking into a professional studio’s credentials is to look at its past and present clients. Who are the people and what are the brands that it has worked with? Have you watched the videos it has made and do you like them? Design studios typically have a signature style, but there are also some studios that are highly versatile and will have a diverse visual feast to present during your research.

2. Positive reviews and referrals

Once you’ve seen the portfolio, ask around for feedback on their services. Get in touch with previous clients or see if the ones it has listed in the past are still its clients up the present. Send an email or make that phone call to inquire. Remember, you will be investing money and effort into producing a brand video, so be sure that you are in the right company.

3. Customer service

Customer service is the be-all, end-all of any service for hire. No matter how stunning a studio’s portfolio may be, if their people do not treat you well, it’s best to skip and move on to the next candidate. According to Punchy Digital Media, the motion graphics company that you hire will be part of your brand video and will play a huge role in the conceptualization process. If they can’t even communicate well with you, then it will take a long and winding road to achieving a satisfactory finished product—if you even reach that stage, at all.

4. Organization and professionalism

What separates the true professionals from the amateurs is their system of organization. How does the designer keep all the files that he or she collects? This may seem like a tedious process and sounds highly unnecessary to check, but this will tell you a lot about how the professionals in this studio work. When the assets are in the right place, it will be easier and faster to produce videos and make edits.

5. Contract and its contents

Does the motion graphics studio have a contract? What does it stipulate and what are it conditions? Does it offer an exit clause? Be sure to read the fine print and its list of do’s and don’ts before signing anything. Otherwise, you might end up with work that does not meet your initial expectations. While you may been clear about what you want verbally, be sure everything is also translated into print.

A healthy business partnership is one that is anchored on transparency and professionalism. The motion graphics studio agency that you hire should have all these basic elements and more.

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