Mobile trend is no new thing for a technology enthusiast or for an online business owner.

The world of mobile apps has surrounded each one of us owning a Smartphone. They have gradually entered into our lives in such a way that it’s quite difficult to imagine a world without them.

Anyone using a Smartphone can confirm the worthiness of an innovative, useful app that works wonder. There is no denying the fact that technology advancement has helped the end users to accomplish desired tasks with supreme precision and efficiency along with the ease it offers.

The way businesses around the world used to work, collaborate or communicate has been transformed since the inception of mobile applications. The new technology change can be seen in different areas and is not just limited to a particular business domain or model. Businesses have made a prolific profit since the time they have gone mobile. It has helped them in increasing their overall efficiency.

Talking about the businesses, which can reap sweet fruits with the help of mobile apps definitely, include field businesses. Mobile apps can work wonders for field businesses. They can streamline the whole operation, which is potent to yield massive profit gains and be productive at the same time for both, service provider as well as for the technicians and the workers.

A variety of tasks can be accomplished in a proficient manner without being physically present at the location. Some of them include capturing company’s data when required, connect with co-workers for advice and networking from remote locations, locate new jobs assigned by the manager, and much more.
The Smartphone revolution has made an important point for companies to get rid of the paperwork and focus on building dynamic mobile solutions that can directly impact business’s growth and expansion. This will certainly help in enhancing employee satisfaction, which is indeed an important aspect in today’s working environment where stress is pronounced.

Work culture has also been modified from stiff and rigid task schedules to convenient and flexible procedures. Dedicated single roles have been transformed to multiple job roles, while 9-to-5 jobs have been changed to flexible working hours. Businesses now have become more customer-centric and goal-oriented, which demands them to be technically sound in order to excel and compete against the competition.

Already, field workers are prominent in using mobile devices like phones or tablets for accomplishing their tasks and it is estimated that by 2018 around 70% of the total field workers will have a mobile device.

Following are some of the ways mobile apps already are and can streamline field businesses.

Access to service manuals while on-the-move

mobile apps

No matter how skilled or competent your workforce is, there will be situations when technicians require a service manual for reference. In such cases, mobile apps come into play offering remote access to manuals to the field technicians. They’ll be highly effective in solving problems if in any case, they get stuck.

Service manuals are best at telling the standard and correct values, which a technician can refer to whenever such state arises. The access to standard books makes it easier and convenient for a technician to get the things in place quickly helping him to save a lot of time and effort.

Customer data verification and access to the account

mobile apps

While technicians have to travel several miles in order to reach customer’s location, it’s important for them to have all the requisites related to the service request including query, problem faced by the customer, customer’s past complaints and records, customer’s personal details and more for the process to carry out in a flawless manner.

Mobile apps serve the purpose brilliantly offering the workers an easy and effective medium for accessing customer’s account data while on the go. Technician doesn’t need to carry files or forms for the same rather a 4.5-inch mobile device.

Crunch numbers and data in real-time

Field workers can crunch numbers whenever required. Important stats, industry’s latest information, customer’s past records and company’s past efforts in making customer satisfied can be viewed or accessed whenever needed.

This can help the technician in providing exact numbers to the customer if demanded. Pricing books can also be connected to the app, which allows the technician to draft a quick estimate increasing accuracy and efficiency. Plus, it represents your company’s sorted out approach in data management, which can help in building trust with your customers.

Notify/reply service requests

mobile apps

Technician’s details including photo id, the contact number can be sent to the customer well in advance of technician’s visit, which can grant the customer a sense of security. A technician can also notify customer with an approximated arrival time via app loaded in his mobile device. The customer can then plan his/her day accordingly and doesn’t need to wait all day long for the technician to arrive.

Job allotment

mobile apps

Technicians can be notified via app about their next job and they don’t need to visit office after completing every task. They can directly head towards their next task’s location after completing one job. This would not only save a lot of time but will also help him complete more tasks in a day than usual resulting in more customers served per month. Hence, increased revenues and profits.

Above mentioned are some of the ways how mobile apps can streamline field businesses and if you as a field business owner hadn’t gone mobile yet then, it’s probably high time to make a move and boost your sales.

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