No one needs to tell you that tech careers are booming. We rely on technology every day and know that behind every website, text, or tweet, a person is pulling strings to connect our world through the Internet. There is a huge demand of Skilled Front End Web Developers. The hard part of switching to a tech job is picking a career path. There are so many to choose from, and their names aren’t clear indications of exactly what the role entails. 

Front End Web Developer Career

Front end development is one of those job titles that could be confusing if you don’t currently have any coding experience. 

What Is Front End Development

The so-called “front end” part of computer systems are the aspects a user can interact with. This might be hyperlinks, text, or images. The coding that makes these aspects work must be written perfectly to allow users to complete their desired task. A front end developer will use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make an organized and useful website. These coding languages are the backbone of a functional website. 

Why You Should Become A Front End Web Developer

There is a high demand for front end developers. Companies live and die by their presence on the Internet. Any business worth their weight in salt needs to have a website that functions properly and gives users the information they need in an organized fashion. Poorly developed websites will turn away customers, regardless of the quality of the product. 

The Bureau of Labor statics has favorable expectations for computer science jobs in the next decade. They indicate jobs in the technology field will grow faster than other careers. The job security makes learning front end development a worthwhile pursuit. Front end developers make generous salaries, with an average annual salary coming in at almost $77,000.

Start Learning The Basics

Take advantage of all the information the Internet has to offer. Using online tutorials to learn HTML is a great way to see if the works pique your interest. HTML is one of the building blocks to becoming a front end developer. Once you understand the basics, you can graduate to more advanced aspects of front end development. You can learn these skills individually online for free with a quick Google search, but the piecemeal method often leaves holes in your training that could prevent you from gaining employment.

Self-learning isn’t for everyone. It’s beneficial to have a teacher, class, and educational support systems to help your progress of becoming a front end developer. Getting a college degree can take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. There are faster and cheaper methods to build your front end development skills. 

Coding Bootcamps Will Quickly Build Your Front End Development Skills

Coding bootcamps are online or in-person classes where you learn the skills needed to become a front end developer. These bootcamps are cheaper and faster than college degrees. The demand for front end developers is so great that tech companies team up with various bootcamps to hire newly graduated students. 

Front end development bootcamps focus solely on the appropriate skills to create professionals who are ready for the workforce. They are great for recent grads, career changers, and non-traditional students. 

Create A Portfolio

Once you have all the skills needed to create and manage front end development, you need to build a portfolio. A portfolio of your work will help employers see your capabilities instead of taking your word for it. Portfolios and technical resumes are a requirement for getting your first job in tech. 

Is There Room For Growth?

Companies need developers with different skillsets. As you work in the field, you will learn new skills and add to your portfolio. You will be qualified for more jobs as your skillset expands. Senior front end developers earn more than their entry-level peers. The increase in responsibility comes with a higher pay rate. You can eventually gain enough skills to become a front end engineer.

Engineer vs. Developer

The terms engineer and developer are often confused by people outside of technical roles. Developers spend most of their time writing code while engineers analyze the code. On the other hand, engineers make sure the current code meets the demands of the website’s performance and give suggestions to the developers on their team.

Start Your Journey Today

The world of front end development is easy to break into for dedicated learners. Getting a tech job is a very achievable feat. Bootcamps are a gateway to the tech world, and front end development is a great place to start your new career.

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