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It’s not been too long ago, we heard about businesses going online and the trend is presently moving over businesses going mobile.

Mobile phones are currently not the ones we use just to make a call and send a message. They have become absolutely smart and called by the name ‘smart phones’. Androids are all on the demand and everyone has a desire to own one. With plenty of Android devices launching each year, people are finding it a great option to pick the best.

One major reason for individuals to rely on these smart phones is for the apps that come along. It’s really fascinating to hear that the total number of Androids released till date itself are in hundreds and the number of apps launched so far for Androids have ultimately hit 400, 000.

Among this app count, a plenty of Android apps have come up for business purposes and most of the business owners are finding apps a way to enhance their businesses. Entertainment and gaming apps fall apart, when it comes to the importance of business apps. Business related tasks are widely looked for and apps that come with the very same function are greatly demanded. In addition to basic email capability, there are also apps for expense tracking, on-the-go invoicing, social media updates, fixing appointments, timetables and many more other requirements of a business owner.

Today is the world of business and hence it has become more vital for any businessman to access documents and functions anytime, anywhere. Knowing the importance of business android apps in today’s time, several developers are happily rushing into the competition of developing business apps for Androids, which could turn them up with good profits. Read to know about the top business based android apps which have turned the market shining!


MobeCommerce is an android app for eCommerce web store, which is developed by Contus. This application allows you to manage your eCommerce store with flawless accessibility and navigation, thereby optimizing the store to your android. The app gives the on the way customers an easy and effectual shopping experience via their Android powered smartphones.

Develop an Android Application to favor Business 1

Document to Go

It lets you view and edit Microsoft Office documents in an intuitive interface. In addition to working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint items, you can view PDF files.

Develop an Android Application to favor Business 2


TouchDown enables you to sync with your Exchange Server to get corporate emails, contacts, calendar and tasks on your Android device.

Develop an Android Application to favor Business 3

Salesforce Contacts

It allows the salesperson to sync their customer contacts with their smartphone contacts. This app Works with Salesforce Sales Cloud. This app paves way to realize improved efficiency of your sales targets and Salesforce management.

Develop an Android Application to favor Business 4

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