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Branding may seem like an overused word in marketing, but it is critical for survival, outdoing competition and client retention. Designing a website for your brand can be an overwhelming task, given that the portal is the first point of interaction for consumers. Of course, you need a team of experienced professionals who can get the design right, and for that, it is necessary to hire the best company for website design.

In this post, we are discussing what it takes to design a brand website from scratch.

Creating an image

Designing A Brand Website From Scratch: Top Things To Consider! 1
When we see a half-eaten apple logo, we automatically associate it with Apple. That’s the power of a logo! A website is even more powerful in that context. Before you go ahead and discuss the design aspects, start by evaluating the overall image of the brand that you want to portray to the world. The target audience is highly critical in that context. A website designed for school kids would have a completely different theme and design than one that’s geared towards selling mobiles online. Your audience must be evaluated. A lot of brands conduct surveys and check on competition to get a fair idea of how things should shape up.

Find a reliable web design company

Designing A Brand Website From Scratch: Top Things To Consider! 2
While creating brand image and the website is a collaborative process between designers and the client, having an experienced team does make a difference. You want to find a UX design agency that you can rely on. Their experience with regards to branding and marketing is also important. Many website design services also offer full stack of digital marketing services, so it could be an advantage, because you get a fair idea of how the marketing process will follow, after the website is ready. Check some of their live sites, ask for references, and review diversity in their projects.

Color, font and consistency

Designing A Brand Website From Scratch: Top Things To Consider! 3
A lot of companies don’t realize the power of consistency when it comes to website design. People should be able to identify with the brand and website right from the word ‘go’. Color and font have a dominant role to play in this regard. If you don’t have a logo as yet, we recommend that you start with that. The logo and overall services you provide will set the tone of the website in many ways. The web design agency will also ensure that the design resonates with the current expectations of consumers.

Trends do matter

Designing A Brand Website From Scratch: Top Things To Consider! 4
When it comes to web design, trends are extremely crucial. For example, a lot of brands are now opting for background videos to enhance visual experience, while many websites also have muted color schemes and minimal designs that focus on content and infographics. You have to consider the current trends because people expect a functional and updated website. This is also the precise reason why even the best websites need to be revamped and redesigned after a point.

Being a unique brand

Brand Identity
Web design is not just about the color, font and logo, but also about uniqueness. You want the website to have an appeal that will make sense to the audience and will encourage interaction. Make sure that the design works well for the products and services you sell, and it should be interactive. Basically, the customer needs to know what they are supposed to do on the website. ‘Call to action’, sharing brand vision and mission, and adding a tag line may help.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask the web design agency for a demo. That is critical because you need to reimagine and evaluate the design before final launch.

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