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Whatever your business or monetization model, more website traffic is always a desirable thing.

More traffic can allow you to build your list, cultivate meaningful relationships with your customers and of course increase sales of your product or service. Yet however appealing the dream of overnight virality and a sudden rush of organic traffic, in reality traffic is all about good ‘housekeeping’ across your entire digital offering combined with a handful of more powerful strategies.

With a solid, consistent approach, it is possible to build up a steady and increasing flow of traffic to your website. Ignore the basics however, and any money you throw at paid ads won’t go as far as it could. So consider starting with the basics before you decide to go to paid route.

The biggest mistake that most businesses make in digital marketing are:

  • focusing on technique over strategy
  • focus on metrics over quality branding, value and content
  • focus on metrics over quality branding, value and content

Building your digital marketing efforts ‘from the bottom up’ will help you to avoid the above mistakes. Try following these three steps to ensure that you are approaching things in the right way:


1. Be Consistent

In the world of digital marketing, consistency is key. Consistency should be sought in your design and branding across all of your channels, as well as in your editorial voice and your posting schedule. First check whether your logos, design, color schemes etc match across your website, social media channels and even on your newsletters. This will help to build trust and value and ensure that you are steadily increasing the perceived value of your brand in the mind of your audience. Consider what your brand stands for and that you are delivering on the task of meeting your customers needs.

Finally, batch social media content, newsletters and blog posts and ensure you are sticking to a regular posting schedule. All of the above will have the effect of not only snowballing interest toward a consistent and steadily increasing flow of traffic, they also ‘plug leaks’ in the flow by minimizing the number of ‘unfollows’ and ‘unsubscribes’, ensuring that your future efforts are not wasted.

2. Be Selective

With Google, Facebook and other online platform providers constantly updating and improving their algorithms, the days of keyword stuffing, dodgy backlinks and bot accounts are coming to an abrupt end. What all of this means for your digital marketing strategy is that it pays to be honest about the resources you have for marketing your business. While automated posting can save time, most platforms look better with carefully curated, edited and formatted content.

Twitter in particular looks terrible when filled with automated content. What will work in 2018 looks very different from what has worked in the past. Google is getting better and better at rewarding authenticity in favor of ubiquity. Focusing on excellent content on your website, backed up with a few carefully curated and selected social media accounts will provide better results in terms of traffic in the long run. If you can’t manage it well, consider cutting it. This also frees up resources for the next stage.

3. Accelerate

Now that you have great content, great branding and a few well managed social media accounts, this is the perfect time to reach out and really add fuel to your digital marketing efforts. This is where PR, in the form of guest posting and media mentions, paid ads and a well managed sales funnel can all come into play. Many companies are getting great results from using video presentations and using targeted ads on google or Facebook to share their presentations with only the most carefully targeted group of prospects. This strategy will not only give far better results than a scattergun approach, it will also save you time and money.

While social media, SEO, paid ads and PR all have a role to play in driving traffic to your website, maximizing your ROI can be achieved by being strategic about their implementation. By being consistent in your content and branding, being selective in how you share your content, then putting your resources into paid ads, PR and and a solid sales funnel, you can be absolutely certain of steadily increasing traffic to your site now and into the future.

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