With every passing day the Internet is becoming more and more popular.

The rise in the number of desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones is witness to this fact. And the more popular the Web becomes the more popular websites will become. In other words the process of creating and designing a website is very popular and will be even in more demand in the future.

Now web designers need many things to design quality websites. Let’s talk about icons.
Just as one should apply the same color in many different places of the website to conform to a theme similarly one should apply the same types of icons throughout. I mean if you are using a black spherical icon to link to your Facebook profile, a red square one for Twitter and a relatively larger (or smaller) green, triangular icon for Google+; you are not following a theme and you are not being professional.
To help you out, we present you with 30 vector icon packs below.

1. Flat Social Media Icon Vector Pack

2. Contact Icon

3. Minimal Retro Icon Pack

4. Icon style vector graphics

5. Globe Icon Set

6. Vector Twitter Icons

7. Map Pointer Icons

8. Eco Icons

9. Gloss Icons

10. Grunge Scuffed Icons

11. Love Vector Icon Set

12. Green Magenta Web icon

13. Media Icons

14. Business and Financial Icon

15. Money Icons

16. Musical Icons

17. Office Icons

18. Weather Icons Vector

19. Olympic Sports Icons

20. Online Icons

21. Red Internet icons

22. Sketch Icons

23. Social Media Buttons

24. Square Vector Icons

25. Technology Vector Icons

26. Universal Icons

27. Various Office Vector Icons

28. Vector Blue Icons

29. Vector Internet Icons

30. Web icons and RSS symbols

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