Resume is a comprehensive document.

Where an individual mention his educational qualifications, skills, fortes, experiences and all other information that is relevant to an employer. These are the first point of contact between potential candidates and an employer who is seeking the service of a qualified professional. Therefore, your resume ought to be different from the rest so as to get identified among the hundreds of resumes that comes to the recruiter every day. Undoubtedly, the skills and experience of an individual is extremely important for bagging a good job, but along with that the design of the resume is also important.

Here you go

Innovative resume designs are especially expected from professionals, who are associated with the creative sectors like graphic designing, logo designers and others. They can design their resume creatively to showcase their skills and aptitude before the employers and thereby make a positive impression before them. Apart from all the degrees and experiences earned by them, the innovative resume design will itself do all the talking about their skills and proficients and thus converting their dream job will be much easier. Innovative resume design will be particularly helpful for the fresher’s who have little experience to show off in the resume.
Here are twenty five most innovative resume designs that have helped in creating a lasting impression before the employers. These examples will be extremely helpful for the newcomers in the designing industry as they can draw inspiration from these examples to come up with their exclusive resume design and thereafter kick-start their career.



Resume Confidential



The old online version of my resume


My creative resume

Resume for school magazine project

Creative Resume


Old and New

My Resume by Orbit

Resume by 3 Cloudz

My Graphic Design Resume

Resume by Clear Sky Suite



Design Resume

Emad Navy CV(Resume)

Designer Resume Template

Resume – Beach Theme

I Cart Resume



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