Adobe Photoshop does comes with a basic package of brushes but it has not been updated by folks at Adobe for quite some time.

Thanks to the great community of designers out there who constantly distributing and sharing their brushes. Photoshop brushes are most important element in web design. A Designer should have stored various types of brush collection in their tool box.
In this article I compiled a list of high quality and professional abstract brushes that I found very useful either in web, wallpaper or even print design.

9 Paint Splatter Brushes

Free Cool Arrow Brushes

Diamond Scatter Brush

Free Christmas Tree Brushes Set

Goom brushes

Abstract Brushes 12

Water Brushes Vol. 2

Besida’s Patterns 01

Bokeh Brushes

Old Paper Brush Pack

Sujune Vivid Dream Set

Alchemy Brushes

Tech Brushes

Tech Brushes

Fog & Misty Brushes

Aurora Brushes

12 Strings And Bubbles Brushes

Free Halftone Photoshop Brush Set

Aurora Abstract Brushes

Radial 2 Brushes

Burning Soul

Volcanic Brush Set

Abstract XI

My Cloud Brushes

Debris Brush

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