In general, as a human, we cannot imagine life without existence of color.

An artist can add life in any particle with an appropriate addition of color. In this article you can find some spectacular Color Spectrum Wallpapers.

Matrix spectrum

Spectrum 2


Chromatic flow



From the steamy seas

Spectrum wallpaper


Naturficial White Flowers

Spectrum Bokeh

Spectrum Eclipse


In the beginning

Ethereal Dance

Abstract widescreen wallpaper

Submerged Spectrum

Amicable pairs

Colorful Flower

Night’s nebula

Cosmic Kinetics

Pokemon Spectrum – Freshwater

Spectral Tableau WP

G Flare Warp Android Wallpaper

Mac OS X Vista Dreamscene

Allure of Spectrum 2

Well, Technically No, But..

Spectrum Infestation

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