jQuery is shaping the future of the web industry.

With immense flexibility and with an added dose of interactivity, jQuery is the way to go. So if you are a website designer and still shying away from jQuery, you are just out of sync with the current design trends. To make you stay connected with the ongoing designing trends, here we are trying to share some jQuery plugins. Just give them a try to come up stronger as a designer.

jQuery Image Parallax

This is a common dilemma with every website owner. You simply cannot resist yourself from featuring something interactive in the header section yet the very though of making your website heavy is putting you down. But with jQuery Image Parallax, you need not have to decide between the two. You can have an interactive header with high level of animation without affecting the loading time of your website adversely. It is great at making things animated whenever you hover mouse over the header section.

jQuery News Ticker

It is a sort of fancy to see your posts in a “headline news” way and there is a way to do it without making major tweaks in coding. With Query News Ticker plugin, your wild fancy can come true. This plugin is particularly useful for those websites that have RSS feed.

jQuery Letterings

This is another nifty little plugin that can help you create truly elegant and eye catching fonts without making your website slow to the point of being ignored. With this app, you can give transformational touch to those ugly looking headlines that always badger your life to death. However, if you are worried for those people who might have got JavaScript disable, there is a solution. There is a CSS3 backup incase it happens. So, go on and try your luck with it.

jQuery Page Peel

You need not have to be a greater coder to create a page peel anymore. This nice page animation will sit at the top of the page and when someone hovers their mouse over it, it will peel it down and reveal what is behind them. Though this feature is mainly used for advertisement purpose, you can try out something innovative with jQuery Page Peel to create an impact.

jQuery Simple Modal

This is certainly one of the beauties of jQuery. You can create and customize modal boxes and can see a steady progress in the form of conversion rate. These boxes are extremely easy to manage and what’s more, you can easily manage these boxes.

jQuery Position Absolute

Are you tried of resizing images to make them fit into the space allotted? If yes, you can bid a goodbye to this nagging practice by using jQuery Position Absolute. This small pluigin will let you reduce the size of images as per your requirements. A fantastic plugin that you must try.

jQuery Easy UI

As the name suggests, this plugin is extremely powerful in creating professional looking website with greater ease and control. Wide varieties of components are available and there are demos to help you start with.

jQuery iFrame l textArea Resizer

If you ever happen to work with iframe, you know very well, how painful it is to work with it since it tends to render differently in different browsers. But with this plugin, you will be able to text areas and iFrames without facing least hassle along the way.

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