Some time you need to present your ideas to friends, clients or co-workers through online.

So you have to create an online presentation to fulfill your ideas. If you have a useful tool in your hand to get the job done easily it will be great.
This post contains some most useful Tools for Online Presentation, some of them are free and others will come with a minimum cost. Try now!


The great thing about Mindflash, aside from its ease of use, is that it encompasses the entire training management process. The system sends out training announcements, tracks test takes progress, and can even be used as an orientation tool for new employees.


We see presentations as a snapshot in time, and believe that each prezi lives both before and after a specific presentation. Prezi is a medium that should inspire creative thinking, discussions, and delivery of ideas from the moment of jotting down random thoughts to illustrating the story of a lifetime. We want Prezi to help every step of the way.


Discover what slide sharing is all about and share your PowerPoint presentations on the Web as a unique link (URL) to send via e-mail, or embed them in your blogs or websites.

Google Docs

You can upload your own images and video, add text, and create presentations quickly with Google Docs. You can allow anyone to view or edit your presentation. Existing PowerPoint files can also be uploaded for sharing. Google Docs is free.


SlideShare is the best way to share presentations, documents and professional videos.
Get a free account to upload and share.


Give your sales presenters access to an online library of pre-made (company approved) slides. Able to upload or download and specific slide(s) they need.


VCASMO is a multimedia presentation solution for personal photo-video slide show, business presentation, training, academic teaching, sales pitching, seminar, conference, press release meeting, and live event. Free sign up for using!

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