Editorial design is a branch of graphic design.

Which is specialized in the lay out and composition of the different applications such as books, magazines or newspapers and, what is more, of the internal and external graphics. These graphics must follow an esthetic line which is directly related to each publication concept and must be created taking into consideration the printing and the readers. The aim of professionals specialized in editorial design is to accomplish a unit among the text, the graphic and layout so as to convey the content message more efficiently, give the design an esthetic value, and improve the publication commercial possibilities. In this post, you will find some excellent editorial designs.

WIRED Magazine (ita)

The Jazz 09 Journal

Design Concept



Bachelor Thesis

Real Dutch Design books

MUSIGN – Trip Magazine

Jazz 2008 Publication

LQ Magazine

Kiosk 37

Verbal Photography Catalogue

Museale Forstyrrelser

Toormix New Papers

Seasons of the zeitgeist

MOD – Editorial Design

Clear Magazine 30-31-32.

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