40+ Really Creative and Funny Print Advertisements

By April 24, 2010 Inspiration

In the world of print advertising, whether it is for any printing services,for example magazines, newspapers or billboards, sets specific challenges for ad designers.

Being restricted to a still image means the message must be very strong and catchy. Humorous ads remain one of the few effective ways to engage an audience in a very saturated advertising market. This is an area where the audience is far more receptive and still willing to pay attention. In this article, I’ve posted 40+ really creative and funny advertisements for your enjoyment.

Stockholms Hundforum (Daytime dog care): Wanking dog

Fresh Step: Cross-legged cats

Fast-working laxatives

Hyundai Coupe. 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 sec

Folgers: For mornings less complicated


Purina Bark in the Park

Tires that grip to the road

Cafe Rico, an intense wake up call

Olympus Optical zoom

Hard Working Cat

Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

Dog Toast: You eat what you touch

8in1 Dental Snacks: Bad dog breath

Rowenta: 2100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Bad food, bad dog

Face Detect

Bose Noise reduction Headphones: Waterfall

Timotei: Lion

Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Titanic

Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires

3M Scotch Magic Tape: Overload

Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts: Choking

WMF: Sharper Than You Think

Belgian Association for Obese Patients: Encourage Your Children to do More Sport

Lazer Cycle Helmets: Hospital

Nikol Baking Tray: Jacuzzi

Kodak Rechargeable Batteries: Tiger

Ultra Motion Capture

Sound for Real

McDonald: The Real Milkshake

Aquafresh Flexigel: Ear

Coca-Cola Light

Cymbals Alarm

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