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There are so many new tools available to developers.

Such as, drag-and-drop application builders, web design tools, code repositories, project management and testing apps, and frameworks for working with a variety of coding languages. Today we present 20 Amazing new Tools for Web Development.

Testing, Monitoring, Bug Tracking, Project Management and Web Development


Web Development

Find, fix and prevent performance problems in custom web applications, whether running on physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure.

OctaGate SiteTimer

20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 1

OctaGate SiteTimer aims at website developers that need to get a birds eye view of their work. Web Monitor allows you to monitor how long it takes for a user to download one or more of your web site pages. It visits the page that your request and downloads all content that’s directly linked from that page.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 2

Mob4Hire provides a full set of end to end mobile tools, services and management; from “Concept to Commercialization.” We significantly reduce costs and time to market by connecting brands, agencies, mobile consultants, market researchers, system integrators, mobile app firms, and telecoms with a global community of mobile developers and eager, lower priced testers and market focus groups.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 3

Instantly deploy or rollback updates to multiple web servers for testing and production releases. Review code and discuss changes. Easily integrate with your favorite ticketing, support and communication tools.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 4

Web-based bug tracking and project management. Make informed decisions and minimize problems and errors. Import email messages and have them automatically converted into trackable records.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 5

Fixx is a simpler, easier, and painless issue tracking system that is made for collaboration between customers, business people, and technical staff alike.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 6

Litmus helps you look great, get delivered and track response like never before.

Ajax, Java & JavaScript Resources & Tools


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 7

frevvo is a leading provider of electronic forms (e-forms) and workflows. Using Live Forms Online, you can easily create online forms (web forms) for common uses such as survey forms and event registration forms. Live Forms also supports features such as custom validation, business rules and XML forms for business applications.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 8

The leading platform to build and run enterprise Java applications. Led and sustained by SpringSource, Spring delivers significant benefits for many projects, increasing development productivity and runtime performance while improving test coverage and application quality.

Application Builders


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 9

Every business is unique, that’s why dbFLEX cloud platform is the perfect foundation for your business application. dbFLEX gives you all the tools you need to build advanced web applications using nothing but your browser. No programming is required, there is nothing to download and nothing to install. dbFLEX combines powerful features with a simple interface.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 10

Qrimp is a smart , affordable enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), robust enough to create high quality, secure web applications. It’s easy; just upload a spreadsheet (.xls).


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 11

Lightspoke can build most applications with very little effort. It’s like a power tool for business problems. Most applications in Lightspoke does not require programming knowledge and can be easily tweaked to stay relevant to your business process.


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 12

Tersus is a Visual Programming Platform for creating rich web and mobile applications.
Simply draw flow diagrams and Tersus will bring your application to life.

Development Environments, Platforms and Frameworks


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 13

Build your perfect social networking website in minutes with drag and drop tools. Developer skills optional!


20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 14

Pringo provides an end-to-end solution for our clients: Customizable Web portals, learning and collaboration features, and social tools all in one open-source package. Pringo Products contain a robust content management system, strong user management tools, a powerful administration control panel, and a comprehensive development environment.

20 Amazing Useful Tools for Web Development 15 provides the dating software, membership database, payment processing, customer support, hosting infrastructure, tax processing and much more.
You provide your brand, website design and marketing and we do the rest.

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