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Web designers need to know the latest available tools and resources in the market in order to update their knowledge and expertise.

Without interacting with the community, their skills are limited to their personal style and they cannot deliver more than that, whereas clients always need something out of the box. The free available resources help a designer to plunge the seclusion and find what others are doing and sharing in the community or you need to visit an ux design studio. Following are the top 10 useful resources that can help them explore the horizon of designing to master the art of making unbelievable and mesmerizing designs.



Freebbble is one of the useful resources for beginners and even expert level designers. The starters need free resources to initiate a web design and learn from the masterpieces. One can instantly find high-quality designs for free there. The experienced designers, who are unable to find the quality they are searching for, can browse the premium resources and search designs by creative commons. This website also allows the users to find designs by type including front, background, HTML, mockup, pattern, etc.
In addition to the online resources, designers can also seek help from the themes, plugins, and extensions available at the marketplaces of their e-commerce platforms. There are different tools available for adding the functionality of an online store. PrestaShop Redirect Module is one of the recommended plugins that swiftly send users to an alternate page. It is worth mentioning, as designers need to understand the need of redirection while working with developers and marketers.


All the Free Stock

It is one of the renowned websites for putting all the designing stuff for free. Professionals can make use of the free stock images, videos, sound effects, icons, color inspirations, mockups, fonts, website templates, and free email templates as well. The beautiful structure of this website makes it easier for a beginner to search for the valuable resources without signing up for an account. The stuff is labeled with the terms of use, which makes it clear for a user to download a design for the purpose it is made available.


1001 Free Downloads

1001FreeDownloads offers a great variety of resources that accommodates vectors, wallpapers, photos, fonts, brushes, styles, patterns, etc. It boasts thousands of files that can be searched and downloaded with the help of a quick search box. A navigation bar is also available to help the users find relevant resources quickly, whereas they can browse the website by categories, tags, and files as well. To receive any update about designing, users can subscribe to their newsletter as well.


Font Squirrel

Searching for a wide collection of fonts that could be used commercially? Here comes the Font Squirrel, which gives you complete freedom to select, download and incorporate any of their creative fonts in your designs. Now, you can easily meet client requirements for delivering something they have not experienced before with the help of these free font resources. Designers often have to face license issues in their works, which may lead to severe legal consequences. This websites rest assures in offering fonts that are licensed for free commercial use.


Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger has a very user-friendly interface for designers to find designs with a high resolution and better quality. The overview of this website gives a Pinterest-like experience which enables a user to quick go through the resources and find the one the match his or her needs. The hope page shows results from all kinds of designs, whereas to search for a specific category, you can click a required menu the bar above the resources. It is regarded as one of the reliable platforms to have premium design content for free.


Material Palette

Material Palette brings the most exciting color patterns and combinations for an artist and designer. One can easily select a color combination for design he or she is aspiring. It allows selection of two colors and provides a preview of the palette in the sidebar. Users can continue to experiment different color combination that suffices the needs of a product, service, brand or business they are designing for. Designers can have a look at the outcome of a color combination before using them.



Dribble is an innovative community of designers who believe in sharing valuable designs with its members. They believe in the show and tell, which means showing the current projects and telling how these are accomplished, and the ultimate goal is to grow the entire community that includes web and graphic designers, artists, illustrators, logo designers, typographers, and creative concept developers. In fact, it has risen to the status of a social network for design enthusiasts.


Site Inspire

Need inspiration for a design? Site Inspire brings the most exciting design inspiration to help produce one of yours that depicts the aesthetic sense you have been looking for. Creativity is a combination of tireless efforts and a genius mind, and it takes a lot of time for a designer to coin ideas that are creative, engaging and compelling for a product or service. To cut the process short, Site Inspire has shared numerous designs that facilitate professionals to get inspired and pursue a finest output.


Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha delivers more professional designs than other assets available online. The two major categories of freebies and premium clearly differentiate between the free and paid resources, which are readily available for download and use. These products are quite helpful for designers in accomplishing a goal as well as shaping their skills to become experts. The premium designs are accessible to users free of cost.



Finding high-quality images that are relevant and free to use is a cumbersome job. One has to sign up for accounts, buy copyrights and then incorporate it into a design, but Pexels has removed all such obstacles. Here, designers can get best in quality photos without paying a cent for it. They frequently add new stock to high-resolution imagery to serve the community with the best possible resources.



Web designers have to go through a continuous struggle of developing something very amazing for the products or services of their clients. Designing everything from the scratch becomes too much difficult that’s why they have to seek help from the resources, which gives them a creativity boost and a mental relief. We hope the above resources may also help them easily find resources that are required in different phases of a design.

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