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Keval Padia

March 15, 2016

How to Use Parallax Scrolling for Enhancing User Experience?

Parallax scrolling offers one of the most enigmatic ways to create a distinct design and persona of your website. (more…)
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September 30, 2015

Understanding the Deep Psychology of Design and the Art of Mastering It

When it comes to designing a website or an application, the smallest things matter. The design provides the biggest difference to user experience. (more…)
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Web Design
August 20, 2015

Interactive Design: What you need to know!

Interaction Design is the design concept that everyone is talking about. It is mandatory for all digital projects that they incorporate elements of interactive design…
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July 7, 2015

Cards in Website Design: The New Innovative Portrait in Web Design

Internet and mobile technology have revolutionized the digital world. They made communication easy and has enabled enterprises to connect to an enormous audience with the…
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June 8, 2015

7 Golden Principles for Creating Beautiful Full Screen Website Background

Who won’t be interested in drawing the attention of visitors as soon as they appear on the site? (more…)
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