An overview on 6 Must-have Social Media Extensions for Magento websites

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Known for its amazing features and immaculate security, Magento has been considered as one of the best platforms for developing an outstanding e-commerce website.

Online retailers who’re intending to create an eye-catchy e-commerce portal can leverage the best potential of Magento CMS for their business benefit. Setting up a first-rate e-commerce store using Magento offers your customers a pleasant web-based shopping experience. Backed by a stable architecture, Magento allows you to add new functionalities into your e-store, as and when required. Installing social media extensions has served as a great move for Magento website owners who’re looking forward to add more value to their business.

As one of the cost-effective and quickest means of driving sales, installation of Magento social media extensions has been chosen and recommended by top-notch e-store owners residing in different parts of the world. Given the benefits of social media in today’s business scenario, it becomes essential to learn about a few irresistible social media extensions that serve as a performance booster for every Magento powered website/e-commerce portal. In this blog, I’ll be discussing about 6 amazingly effective social media extensions specially designed for Magento websites.

1. Magento FB Referral

With all the hullaboo associated with Facebook, it’s better to equip your website/e-store with features that can help you drive traffic from the well-renowned social networking site. Installing Magento FB referral into your website will allow users to recommend your products via their Facebook account. The F-recommend button available on the cart page will let users recommend products/services to their friends and relatives. This button displays a brief description about the product discounts on an instant basis. Once you hit the button, you receive a message stating that the discount is applicable to you. Magento FB Referral is believed to be one of the most renowned extensions for increasing referral traffic and brand image. By offering discounts to customers, you can easily promote your business effectively.

2. Magento FB Discount

Discounts and freebies serve as the best tools for compelling visitors to re-visit your site. By installing the Magento FB Discount extension into your e-store, you simply need to prompt the users to like the shopping cart page on Facebook. On doing so, your site’s Magento Facebook module will offer amazing discounts to customers who’ve shared the Facebook page updates with their Facebook friends or relatives. With Magento FB Discount extension, you can simply offer referral bonus to customers, thereby increasing your revenue and overall customer base.

3. Social Login

Backed by surplus fans, Facebook has emerged as one of Statistics reveal that many businesses have witnessed a considerable dip in their sales mainly because of the hesitant nature of users while signing up for their official website. An effective way of resolving this crisis is to install the “Social Login” extension. With this installation, the visitors would be able to login to your website via their Facebook or Twitter accounts in an effortless style. Social Login is a plugin that undoubtedly drives more customers and visits to your site, helping you gain grounds in the online retail industry.

4. Magento Facebook Shopping Cart

The leading social platforms used by millions of people all over the world. Linking your Magento website’s shopping cart with the Facebook account can render an unimaginable exposure to your business. Magento Facebook Shopping Cart is the extension that allows you to do just that. On installing this extension into your website, you can enjoy a plethora of features including: product display on user’s wall, flexibility to add limitless number of products and categories, high compatibility and many more. To sum it up, having this extension would actually lessen your burden of running business promotional campaigns.

5. Social Affiliate

Social Affiliate is yet another fantastic Magento extension that helps you improve your business by huge bounds and leaps. With this plugin installed in your site, you can easily invite friends to your shopping cart page and hence get rewarded with credit points. Upon reaching the specified limit for the credit points, discounts or freebies are being offered to the particular customer who has purchased the respective product. One of the greatest advantages of installing Social Affiliate plugin is that you need not worry about referring more than 10 or 20 friends for receiving credit points, just inviting 2 friends will fetch you adequate credit points. Just ensure that the friend referred by you purchases the product because once he/she does that, you stand a chance of winning more credit points, with exciting discounts awaiting you for your upcoming shopping.

6. Facebook Social

Installing Facebook Social plugin with your Magento website will integrate all your product pages with Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol in an effortless way. As a brilliant plugin/extension to expand your customer base, Facebook Social allows you to have a place where you can gather massive traffic via impressive interaction with people registered on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Concluding Words

Here’s hoping all the social media extensions discussed above would turn useful for businesses having a Magento powered website. There are plenty of websites that enable you to download these plugins. All you need to take care of is choose the one that fits your site appropriately.

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