30 Movie fonts you can download for Free

By July 19, 2013Fonts

Fonts are one of the main elements in creating a good web design.

Creative, clear and bold fonts are required for capturing the attention of the viewers and engage the clients with it. Fonts play a vital role in conveying different messages. The font styles that have become extremely popular among the designers are the ones used in movies.

Many movie fonts are available on the internet for free download which can be used by the designers for free. This makes the job of the designers much easier as they do not need to develop the font on their own and thus increases the productivity of the designers. On the internet there are many sites from where the designers can download movie fonts and use them in their next project. Fonts used in movies like James Bond, Godzilla and Harry Potter are present on the web. Moreover, the readers can also easily relate with these fonts and thereby attract more visitors to different sites.

007 Golden Eye

Blade Runner

AVP Predator

Brother Bear

Captain America

Fantastic Four



Harry Potter



Ice age

Batman Forever

Mars Attacks

Monster AG


Nightmare Before Christmas

Resident Evil



Sin City


Star Wars


The Godfather

The Incredibles

The Sixth Sense



Twilight new moon

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