30 Impressive Countdown Timer Scripts for You

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Most of the sites love to use countdown clock before the start of any event and until the event date started.

This is a very beautiful and unique way of attracting people towards your events and in this way mostly people take interest in your events and in your website because of the beauty of style you shown in your website. Similarly, some sites having in maintenance mood also showing timer clock of jQuery to show their visitors that they will be come back very soon. This also gives very attractive look. This type of counters is known as under construction timer. Some mega sites also use counters to add interest of people before the release of any game any movie or any big party of the people interest.

JQuery has its own popularity in different field of interest in the word press and programming world. You can add many features with the help of jQuery and many other beautiful and interesting tools like you can also use jQuery slider, jQuery carousel and plugins which can give update very fast and speedily. By using jQuery countdown plugins it is the best way to add dynamic and classic countdown time for your website.

When your website is down and not in good working conditions the first thing which the bloggers and developers love to use in their website is countdown timer to show their users that their website is under construction. You can get variety of countdown timers in beautiful and attractive style of interest. In Some counters you can add only time and seconds but in some clocks you can also add more things like dates mile sections similarly registration details and many other interesting details of common interest and according to your own choice. Most timer code includes time zone settings which are very important according to your state and country and also according to the viewer’s zone and time. For Example if I am in some African country and my viewers are mostly of American countries I adjust my counter in such a way that the people of America see it according to their time zone. So this is best and most important thing to add in any counters.

These are some impressive counter timer scripts. You can download them and can easily use them in your websites to attract your customers and people more fast towards your websites. These are premium as well as free countdown timer scripts.

5sec Maintenance Mode

Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin

Flexible and easy to setup

Countdown Timer In Action Script 3

Plugin Oven

Coconut – JQuery Countdown Plugin

Easy Countdown


JavaScript Animated Counter

Parallax Under Construction Countdown

Broadcast Countdown Widget

Gieson Countdown

jQuery Countdown


Countdown / construction page

jCountdown Mega Package

Fancy Countdown – jQuery plugin

Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin

Countdown Date With jQuery Countdown Timer

CSS Pie Timer

Countdown to Launch

True Space Python Scripts

Countdown Timer Widget

Countdown Timer With JavaScript

Countdown Timer

Live Broadcast Countdown Module

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