20 eCommerce Sites Built with Flash

By April 3, 2012Inspiration

Nowadays, online shopping has become a common thing,

but some web shops are not only sources of useful goods, but also sources of inspiration. In this article we will look at Flash animated online stores which are definitely worth your attention.

Whether we like it or not, but quite often Flash sites load slowly and that is why there are more static online stores, than those built with Flash. Another reason why you have not seen a lot of Flash e-Commerce sites is because many webmasters and web designers still do not know that Flash sites can be SEO friendly, and supplemented with other useful features.

Now, we suggest that you scroll down for 20 web shops that are built with Flash and see that sometimes Flash is really good for eCommerce. As you may guess, the images in the post are links, so why don’t you click on the ones you enjoy most and see what an exciting experience it is browse Flash stores?

And of course, we would be happy to know your opinion about using Flash when creating online stores. Do you think it’s a good idea or does animation distract users from products offered in the store?

Here are the examples

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